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Delaware River WRAPS Lending Library

Educational DVDs and Videos on water, watershed and conservation topics


FREE check-out! Great for schools, civic organizations, scouting groups, rural water or watershed districts, and other groups.

Instructions for use:

  1. Select the item(s) you’d like to check-out.  A more detailed description of each item will pop up when you roll your mouse over the media type in the list below.
  2. Once you’ve made your selection(s), send an email using the “Contact Us” page to request the title(s) you’ve selected.  Be sure to include your name, the name of your school or other organization and the mailing address to which the materials are to be mailed.  You may also call the Glacial Hills Resource Conservation & Development Region (RC&D) office at 785-608-8801 to place your order.
  3. You will receive your selection(s) by mail.  A self-addressed return box will also be included with your order that should be used to return the items.
Please return all checked out resources within 2 weeks.



Age Level




After the Rain: Urban Runoff

Grade 5 to Adult

30 minutes

All About the Water Cycle

Grades K - 4

23 minutes

Free lesson download
Free investigation data sheet

Backyard Conservation


9 minutes

Dirt: Secrets of the Soil

Grades 3 - 6

64 minutes, broken into 6 segments

Free lesson and additional information

Faces of the Future

Grade K to Adult

5 minutes

Go With the Flow: A Stormwater Pollution Prevention Message

Grade 5 to 12

7 minutes

Groundwater Quality: Managing the Resource

Grade 6 to Adult

15 minutes

Just a Drop in the Ocean

Grade K to 6

10 minutes
13 minutes with sing-along

Lakes & Ponds

Grade 4 and up

26 minutes

Last Stand of the Tallgrass Prairie

High School to Adult

57 minutes

Lines on the Land

Middle School

10 minutes

Linking Girls to the Land - Working Together To Conserve Natural Resources

Middle School to Adult

11 minutes

Plants with a Purpose

High School to Adult

10 minutes

Soil Quality

Grade 5 to 12

23 minutes

Free teacher guide

Soil: We Can't Grow Without It

Grade 2 to Adult

15 minutes

Techniques for Restoring Wetland Topography


58 minutes

The Water Cycle

Grade 5 to 8

23 minutes

Free teacher guide
Free investigation data sheet

Water Quality

Grade 5 to 12

23 minutes

Free teacher guide

Water: We Can't Live Without It

Grade 2 to Adult

14 minutes

Wetlands Reserve Program


17 minutes

Whaddaya Know About H2O?

Grade 3 to 8

30 self-contained 1-minute segments

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